Tip Biosystems introduces Photopette® Aqua

Tip Biosystems is very pleased to announce the most versatile member of the Photopette® spectrophotometer family to date – the Photopette® Aqua.  The handheld and portable “Aqua” is the result of a collaborative effort with Merck to produce a device that can measure numerous aqueous parameters, including Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonium, Phosphate, and Chlorine, among others.

As with all Photopette® models, the Aqua automatically attaches a geotag and timestamp to measurement results as well as optionally a photo or note, which dramatically streamlines data collection/documentation of samples in the lab and in the field.  This has proven beneficial in areas such as agriculture, aquaculture, environmental monitoring, wastewater analysis and other ecological/geological applications. The results are instantly available in digital form and can be exported as CSV file via e-mail or cloud.

The Photopette® Aqua was designed to utilize the Spectroquant® Reagent Test Kits from Merck for a variety of parameters, and with maximum user friendliness.

Please contact your local distributor for more information about Photopette Aqua, or feel free to contact us directly at info@tipbiosystems.com.